Why I won’t be buying an Apple watch

When Apple announced the iPad back in 2010, my first reaction was: “Who’ll use that? How is that different from a netbook (remember those?) or a laptop?”

They showed me! Within a couple of years, every home seemed to have a tablet on the coffee table. They’re so normal now that I’ve even seen kids trying to change channel on their TVs by swiping their fingers across the screen. I was even tempted to buy one myself, although I ended up with a £99 Amazon Kindle Fire instead.

I had a similar confused reaction when I first heard about the Apple Watch. This time, however, I think my reaction was justified. Here’s why I won’t be buying one.

1. They look awful

A square face? Come on! It’s square! I know bugger all about fashion, but I know that a classic watch design rarely includes a square face.

Then there’s the straps – I’ve seen better designs from the “watch man” on the local market. The sport straps are particularly ghastly.

Did I mention it has a square face. Square!

2. The hardware will date quickly

We all know that computer hardware is advancing at a mad rate, hence why my sleek iPhone 6 laughs in the chubby face of my 2009 iPhone 3S.

This is no issue with phones and PCs – we’re all used to upgrading every few years to take advantage of the latest technology.

However, when I buy a watch, it’s for the long haul, especially if I spend more than a few hundred quid. (No, I haven’t graduated to spending a few thousand on a watch yet – that comes after I pay off the mortgage.) I don’t want to be buying a nice-looking watch only to chuck it when Apple forces me to upgrade to its latest operating system.

3. It’s dependent on an iPhone

Yes, I do own an iPhone. But one of the draws of owning a smart watch would be to use it to track my running and cycling without the need to carry anything else in my pockets. Not gonna happen with the Apple Watch.

4. I love my current watch

wenger watch

I have a Wenger watch (pictured), which I think cost me a couple hundred quid and was a treat to myself when we went on our honeymoon.

I have no idea if it’s a good watch or not – but I love it, even though I’ve had it five years. (Luckily the hardware won’t go out of date!)

Do you fancy an Apple Watch or another type of smartwatch, or have you already got one? Do you even wear a watch?