Bill’s, Southampton – burger review

After I ran the Southampton Half-Marathon on Sunday, I was itching for a burger to replenish some of that lost energy.

Luckily, a burger was on the menu at the place where Tiff had booked us a post-run table – Bill’s restaurant in the new Westquay Watermark development.

I hadn’t been to a Bill’s in years. How did it rate in my search for Hampshire’s best burger?

Let’s find out.

About this burger

  • Date visited: 23 April 2017
  • Name on menu: “Bill’s Hamburger” with optional cheddar cheese and streaky bacon
  • Price: £13.85 (£10.95 for the burger plus £1.55 for the bacon and £1.35 for the cheese)

How this burger scored

Patty – 7/10

The waitress offered me a choice of medium or well-done, which was handy. I opted for medium.

The patty was nicely cooked with the right amount of redness. Tasty too.

Overall, pretty good but could have done with a little more seasoning.

Chips – 8/10

Lovely chips – tasty and crispy with nice seasoning.

Quite a stingy serving, mind.

Bun – 6/10

Brioche style. Fluffy texture.

The top layer disintegrated quickly, unfortunately.

Toppings – 10/10

Tangy cheddar, gorgeous crispy bacon, juicy tomato, a generous serving of gherkin and lettuce.

There was also a light spread of a slightly spicy special sauce.


Ambiance – 7/10

Being a chain restaurant, the decor in Bill’s is a little fabricated. But it’s still airy and comfortable with an excellent view out to Southampton’s old walls through the large windows at the front.

There’s also a bit of piped music, but this adds to the relaxed atmosphere.

Overall, a nice, relaxed place to grab a bite to eat. The outside seating area looks especially tempting for the summer months.

Drinks selection and quality – 6/10

An average selection of bottled craft-style beers with only one draught beer (Fuller’s “Frontier” lager) available.

There’s a good wine list though and quite a few other options like cocktails, milkshakes and juices.

Condiments – 5/5

Heinz ketchup and English mustard available and consumed.

Presentation – 4/5

Decent presentation if you look past the pail of chips (see below).

Service – 4/5

Friendly and efficient but our waitress needed a reminder about one of our drinks.

Value for money – 2/5

A bit pricey I thought. Nearby burger joints such as Chalk Valley and Shrimp and Burger offer better value but with slightly less salubrious surroundings.

Penalties – minus 1

The chips arrived in a metal pail, so that’s one penalty point for this burger according to the rules.

Total: 58/80

A decent score, putting it around halfway down my best burger in Hampshire rankings.

If you fancy a good burger in a comfortable restaurant with views over Southampton’s medieval town walls, this is the place.

Info: Bill’s Southampton is at Level 3, Westquay Watermark, Harbour Parade, Southampton SO15 1RA. Call 023 8082 9240 or book online.

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