How to help people deal with post-holiday email stress

How many times have you returned to work after a short break to find hundreds or even thousands of emails waiting in a bulging inbox?

Not only does this mean you have to spend the first few hours back at your computer filing, deleting,  and replying to email. But it’s also easy to miss an important communication – and lose your sanity – as you struggle to work through your inbox.… Read more

Maintaining “Inbox Zero” with Gmail and Remember the Milk

Over the last few years, I’d been kidding myself that I had been practising – and maintaining – “Inbox Zero.”

And the truth is that I’d been doing most of it right. I’d turned off the automatic notifications on my email so I could choose when to fetch new mail, and I was checking and processing it all just once or twice a day in batches, leaving my brain free to concentrate on the work at hand.… Read more

Twitter tips for my local prospective parliamentary candidates


Lots of people are bigging up the role of social networking services in this year’s election.

I have to admit, I was dubious to begin with. But services like Facebook and Twitter have been buzzing with pre-election opinions and gossip, and lots of political parties and politicians are using social networking effectively.

Eastleigh’s PPCs on Twitter

On Twitter, I decided to follow three of my local constituency candidates – Chris Huhne (Liberal Democrats), Maria Hutchings (Conservative) and Leo Barraclough (Labour) – to see what they had to say and to see how they use Twitter to engage with voters.… Read more