Common People Festival Review 2015, Southampton

Having lived in and around Southampton for the last 14 years, it’s been regularly drilled into me to hate everything about Portsmouth. As a result, I rarely ventured in the direction of Pompey and I was always convinced that Southampton had much more going for it than its rival city.

However, after spending more time in Portsmouth over the past few years, I’m not so sure anymore.… Read more

A sunny, spring country wedding in Dorset

From 1998 to 2008, I attended zero weddings. Then suddenly, everyone was getting married. I reckon we went to five weddings that year. This stampede of marriages (and the best bit – stag do’s) continued for the next few years.

Then, the invites suddenly stopped (maybe it was something we did) and it was christenings, not weddings, that occupied our summer weekends.… Read more

Mango, apricot and fig breakfast bars [recipe]

When I used to work from home, I always had time for a leisurely breakfast on weekdays. Not so now – I either quickly shovel something down my throat before I leave the house or I grab a bowl of muesli at my desk.

The important thing is that I do eat something. There’s no way I could survive until lunchtime without a proper brekkie, even if it is a little rushed.… Read more

Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 razor [review]

This is my review of the Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5. Read on to find out what I thought of its performance and look and feel.

I rarely wet shave, becauseĀ I simply can’t be bothered with it, especially in the mornings when I’d rather snatch a few more minutes in bed.

Instead, I usually just let my beard grow until Tiff refuses to kiss me.… Read more

Running from Durweston to Shillingstone on the North Dorset Trailway

After the high of finishing the Southampton Half Marathon a couple of weeks ago, I’ve found it really hard to motivate myself to get running again.

I’ve also struggled physically – my legs were shot after a couple of miles when I dragged myself onto the streets last weekend, and my thighs seem to be constantly burning when I tackle the hills on my bike on the way to work.… Read more

A walk along the Thames from Marlow to the Flower Pot pub, Aston

With close family in Dorset and Buckinghamshire, Tiff and I are lucky to have lots of nice places to take the dog when we visit them.

When we’re staying with Tiff’s dad in Marlow, we often drive a couple of miles into the Chilterns and then park in Hambleden and make the shortish walk across the bridges atĀ Hambleden Lock and up the hill to the Flower Pots pub.… Read more