The Village Freehouse pub, Salisbury

Last Saturday, I met up with some friends for a day out (aka pub crawl) in Salisbury.

Jamie and I arrived at the train station first. Rather than wait for everyone else there, we decided to head for our first pub.

We had a little bit of time to kill because it wasn’t quite opening time. Instead of heading into the city centre we went looking for the Village Freehouse pub, which is in the opposite direction.… Read more

Hampshire ales at the Southampton Beer Festival 2015

Last night, Smudger and I made a relatively impromtu visit to the Southampton Beer Festival at the Guildhall (or “O2 Guildhall Southampton” to give it its proper name).

Last year, we went to the Saturday daytime session and ended up doing a pub crawl back to Bitterne Triangle where we finished the day in style in the curry house. This time, with a christening to go to¬†on Sunday, I persuaded Smudge that we should do the Friday night session.… Read more

Hiring a beach hut in Charmouth, Dorset

My mum decided that she didn’t want a big party for her 60th birthday. So we decided to hire a beach hut in Charmouth in east Dorset for the day on the Whitsun bank holiday Monday.

Tiff and I had been to the Common People festival in Southampton on the Saturday, so we decided to get up relatively early to drive down to Charmouth on Monday morning, rather than stay at my parent’s house in Sherborne and go from there.… Read more

Cycling from Havant to Hedge End on a Friday evening

On Friday I foolishly decided that I’d finish the week by cycling home from work – Havant to Hedge End – because I knew I wouldn’t have the time (on Saturday) or the energy (on Sunday) to get a long run in.

It’s only about 17 miles door to door, but I was still unsure about making it all the way on my creaky old bike, especially as there’s a tempting pub on the way.… Read more

Common People Festival Review 2015, Southampton

Having lived in and around Southampton for the last 14 years, it’s been regularly drilled into me to hate everything about Portsmouth. As a result, I rarely ventured in the direction of Pompey and I was always convinced that Southampton had much more going for it than its rival city.

However, after spending more time in Portsmouth over the past few years, I’m not so sure anymore.… Read more

A sunny, spring country wedding in Dorset

From 1998 to 2008, I attended zero weddings. Then suddenly, everyone was getting married. I reckon we went to five weddings that year. This stampede of marriages (and the best bit – stag do’s) continued for the next few years.

Then, the invites suddenly stopped (maybe it was something we did) and it was christenings, not weddings, that occupied our summer weekends.… Read more