Shrimp and Burger, Southampton – burger review

I’ve only visited pubs thus far on my search for Hampshire’s best burger.

Yesterday, we decided (through me subtly planting the idea in Tiff, Cat and Gary’s thoughts) to finish off the festive season with a visit to one of the several burger joints that have sprung up in Southampton over the last few years – Shrimp and Burger.

This restaurant, which is owned by the same company that runs the Banana Wharf chain, is situated on the corner of Bedford Place and Carlton Place close to where I lived when I was a student. It opened in late 2013.

As well as burgers, it also does (you guessed it) prawn dishes including “shrimp in a bun” and prawn fajitas. There’s hot dogs and vegetarian options too.

About this burger

  • Date visited: 2 January 2016
  • Name on menu: “Quickie” (plus optional Monterey Jack cheese and Hickory smoked bacon toppings and a side of “seasoned fries”)
  • Price: £9 (£6.50 for the burger, 50p for each topping and £1.50 for the fries)

How this burger scored

File 04-01-2016, 20 27 43 Patty – 9/10

Well-seasoned, not too juicy and a firm texture, which didn’t fall apart half way through eating. Great tasting and cooked to medium-rare perfection.

No need for sauces.

Chips – 6/10

American-style thin-cut fries. I’m assuming the “seasoned” description on the menu means with salt because I couldn’t taste any other seasoning.

File 04-01-2016, 20 28 12 Bun – 7/10

Brioche-style bun that held it together well. A bit flat but went well with the burger.

Toppings – 8/10

The melted cheese and smoked bacon complemented the burger nicely. It also came with a simple combination of lettuce and gherkins as standard.

File 04-01-2016, 20 29 51 Ambiance – 7/10

Relaxed atmosphere with non-intrusive music and decor that that goes with the restaurant’s “shack” theme.

Hearing the burgers sizzling from the kitchen added to the atmosphere.

On the negative side, our table for four was poky – we struggled getting everyone around the table without getting in each other’s way.

File 04-01-2016, 20 27 24 Drinks selection and quality – 7/10

Impressive selection of lagers and beers both on tap and in bottles. I had a Samuel Adams lager, which was available on draught.

There was also a couple of ciders available and various milkshakes including ones laced with alcohol.

Condiments – 3/5

Standard bottles of Heinz mayo, Heinz ketchup, Sarson’s malt vinegar and French’s mustard are on the tables.

No English mustard though, which was a letdown. However, as I mentioned earlier, condiments weren’t a must with this burger.

Presentation – 3/5

The burgers arrive on branded greaseproof paper on a plate, which is befitting of the style of the restaurant.

The fries came in an upturned bucket. There was something symbolic about that, I thought. Maybe a bit gimmiky though.

File 04-01-2016, 20 31 06 Service – 3/5

The service was friendly, attentive and efficient.

However, the staff lacked knowledge about what was in some of the dishes as well as the policy on the “snap and share” offer. To be fair though, they did come back to us later if they weren’t sure on something.

Value for money – 5/5

£9 to eat a delicious burger with chips and table service in a restaurant represented excellent value for money.

Penalties – 0

I’m struggling to recall if the upturned bucket on my plate was metal or not. That would invoke a one-point penalty. But I’m going to give Shrimp and Burger the benefit of the doubt on this one.

File 04-01-2016, 20 30 29 Total: 58/80

We have a new leader on my search for Hampshire’s best burger with Shrimp and Burger taking the coveted top spot from Winchester’s Old Vine by just two points.

Info: Shrimp and Burger is at 29 Bedford Place, Southampton, SO15 2DG. Phone 023 8033 8898. No reservations.

Tom's rating:
  • That food sounds (and looks) amazing!
    I wish I hadn’t read your post before lunch though…


  • It was pretty good. I’m looking forward to trying to other burger bars in Southampton at some point.