The Fisher’s Pond, Eastleigh – burger review

For the first post in my series searching for Hampshire’s best burger we popped in the Fisher’s Pond pub on the way back from a Saturday afternoon mooching around Winchester.

The pub is in the small village of the same name, between Fair Oak and Colden Common on the B3354 – the old main route from Winchester to Portsmouth.

File 29-11-2015, 13 56 38 It’s in what used to be a large cafe. It backs onto the lake for which the village and pub takes its name. This makes it an especially nice spot in the summer months.

There are views of the water from most of the back of the pub. There’s also an outside seating area, which overlooks the lake.

About this burger

  • Date visited: 21 November 2015
  • Name on menu: “7oz burger”
  • Price: £9.89

How this burger scored

File 29-11-2015, 13 55 47 Patty – 3/10

The burger had a nice smokey taste initially.

But it was quite well-cooked, had a dense texture and tasted like cheap frozen burger. A bit disappointing.

Chips – 6/10

Triple-cooked chips, which I’m not overly keen on usually. But did the job this time. Modest portion.

Bun – 8/10

Broiche bun. Fresh and soft. No complaints.

Toppings and accompaniments – 7/10

Smoked cheddar, sweetcure bacon, gherkin relish, fresh tomato and lettuce in the burger. No other accompaniments on the side.

I didn’t really notice the relish.

Ambience – 9/10

Very relaxing pub with nice decor. There are numerous open fires and wood beams. It feels cosy even though it’s quite a large space.

Very nice for a winter’s evening.

File 29-11-2015, 13 55 25 Drinks selection and quality – 6/10

Bombardier “Glorious English”, Sharp’s “Doom Bar” and St Austell’s “Tribute” were all available on tap. No local ales though.

I had a pint of Tribute, which was in OK condition.

File 29-11-2015, 13 54 59 Condiments – 3/5

Ketchup, mayo and proper English mustard available.

The staff bring the condiments to your table at the start of the meal. I’d have preferred to be able to help myself.

Presentation – 4/5

Came on a rectangular plate and looked the part.

Service – 4/5

Excellent and attentive service.

Tiff’s chips were cold. But there were no problems fetching a fresh batch.

Value for money – 4/5

Less than a tenner and pretty substantial.

Penalties – 0

No metal pails, wooden boards, lack of chips or use of the word “artisan” here.

Total: 54/80

File 29-11-2015, 13 56 15 Overall, a pretty decent meal let down by the quality of the meat pattie.

As this is the first in the series, the Fisher’s Pond automatically goes straight into the top slot in my quest for Hampshire’s best burger.

Info: The Fisher’s Pond is at Main Road, Fishers Pond, Eastleigh, SO50 7HG. Phone 023 8069 2209.

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