The White Hart, Sherfield-on-Loddon – boar burger review

The village of Sherfield-on-Loddon on the A33 is about half way between our home and Tiff’s dad’s. So it’s become bit of a tradition for us to meet him there in early January to buy him a birthday lunch.

We always go to the same pub too – the dog-friendly White Hart – near the village’s vast green.

At first, I wasn’t sure if Sherfield-on-Loddon was in Hampshire. Luckily, it’s a few miles south of the border with Berkshire. So it qualifies in my search for Hampshire’s best burger.

About this burger

  • Date visited: 10 January 2016
  • Name on menu: “Hampshire Wild Boar Burger”
  • Price: £11.50

How this burger scored

File 12-01-2016, 20 22 36 Patty – 5/10

A bit dense.

Also, I was expecting a richer flavour and deeper colour than regular pork. Maybe it’s my taste buds, but I couldn’t tell the difference.

Chips – 5/10

Classic French fries. Generous portion, but a bit cold on arrival.

Bun – 5/10

Brioche-style bun. Dry and flat.

File 12-01-2016, 20 22 58 Toppings – 4/10

Came with a pulled pork topping, a little mayo, barbecue sauce and lettuce.

I was interested in what the pulled pork would add to the burger. In the end, the taste and aroma of the pulled pork overcame that of the pattie.

File 12-01-2016, 20 22 06 Ambience – 8/10

The White Hart is a classic country pub. There’s a large open fireplace in the centre of the pub with firewood piled up either side and at least one more woodburner where we were sat.

Today there was the chatter of locals and greeting as people scuffed the mud off their wellies on the door matt at the entrance.

As well as dining tables in the bar area, there’s a more formal restaurant extension and lots of comfy seats to sink into near the main fireplace.

The music was a tad loud though – I must be getting old.

File 12-01-2016, 20 21 41 Drinks selection and quality – 5/10

There’s a choice of five ales, all from the Young’s brewery.

I tried a “Bitter” (3.7%) – a pale ale – plus a Christmas-themed “Wobbly Claus” (4.5%), which the pump clip described as a hoppy pale ale. I wasn’t bowled over by what I tasted.

Condiments – 5/5

Freshly spooned ketchup and English mustard were available in ramekins on request.

Presentation – 3/5

The burger came on a china plate, which is always a plus for me.

However, I think it needed something else to give the dish some balance. A ramekin for the barbecue sauce perhaps, or maybe some onion rings.

Service – 4/5

Excellent service and good communication about the waiting time for our meals.

I’d have welcomed more information about the real ales on offer.

Value for money – 3/5

As the burger didn’t meet my expectations, £11.50 was a couple of quid too much.

Penalties – 0

No gimmicks. So no point deductions.

Total: 47/80

A bit of a disappointment. Maybe I should have gone with the classic hamburger instead.

Some good points though – it’s a lovely, cosy pub and the service is excellent.

Info: The White Hart is on Reading Road, Sherfield on Loddon, Hampshire, RG27 0BT – just off the roundabout on the A33. Call 01256 882280 or book online.

Tom's rating:
  • Cat

    A shame the burger wasn’t quite up to scratch! I am local-ish to Hampshire (and my partner’s family are near Fleet), so I have sampled a few Hampshire pubs and haven’t quite found the perfect Hampshire burger yet! For me, the chips have to be up to scratch too, and I’m not surprised by your 5/10 rating as they do look a bit lacklustre!

  • I’m having a break from burgers at the moment but I’ll be continuing the search next week hopefully!