7Bone Burger Co, Portswood, Southampton – burger review

Judging from the messages I’ve received over the past year or so, a search for Hampshire’s best burger isn’t complete without a visit to 7Bone Burger Co.

The birth of 7Bone was the subject of an episode of the BBC TV show, “Restaurant Man” in 2014. It now has restaurants in Southampton, Bournemouth, Camberley and Reading.

We finally headed to the Southampton branch in Portswood last week for an impromptu night out to celebrate my birthday.

Let’s see if it lives up to what’s become known as the “7Bone Hypeeee”.

About this burger

  • Date visited: 15 March 2017
  • Name on menu: “Ronald’s Revenge” with “Seasoned Fries” (“Red Basket Meal Deal”)
  • Price: £9.95

How this burger scored

Patty – 9/10

Two 3-ounce patties, presumably to resemble the two patties in a Maccy D’s Big Mac. Cooked medium.

Nicely seasoned and very tasty. Decent.

I’d heard the burgers here were greasy. I found my patties to be just right – juicy but not too fatty.

Chips – 7/10

Massive helping of fries. Perfectly crisp with no sogginess. Could have been tastier.

I could see the seasoning on the chips, but couldn’t taste it – they needed a bit of extra salt.

Bun – 7/10

The burgers themselves weren’t fatty but the bun did have a greasy sheen.

Otherwise, my brioche-look bun was fluffy and moist. It held together well in spite of a generous filling.

Toppings – 9/10

A double helping of cheese, minced onion, ketchup, mustard, pickles.

Simple and effective.

Ambiance – 8/10

7Bone is an informal, two-roomed restaurant.

Both rooms have bare-bricked walls, stripped floors, a few chintzy pieces on the walls and some basic tables and chairs.

Dull lighting with the odd spotlight and the sizzling from the kitchen overlooking the main dining area makes it cosy of an evening.

The toilet rolls in the men’s toilet are stored in a dog crate. I shouldn’t like that, but I did.

Drinks selection and quality – 8/10

Tiff and I shared* an amazing “Maltoreo” milkshake, which was worth the visit alone. A bargain at £3.50.

There’s also a decent beer menu, including an IPA from local brewpub, Dancing Man. I plumped for a Kona “Big Wave” (4.4%).

The cocktail and alcoholic milkshake menu looked pretty tempting too.

A couple of beers and ales on draught and 7Bone would be heading close to a 10 in the drinks department.

*It was Tiff’s milkshake. But I drank most of it.

Condiments – 5/5

Heinz ketchup and a hot sauce. Plus French’s mustard.

I’d usually complain about the lack of English mustard. But I don’t think it would work with the US-style burgers here.

Presentation – 5/5

Comes in a basket layered with branded greaseproof paper. Simple presentation, yet looks delicious.

Service – 5/5

Friendly, attentive and efficient waiting staff. Perfect.

Value for money – 5/5

A great burger meal for under a tenner? Check.

Premium milkshakes for £3.75? Check.

Restaurant beers for less than £4? Check.

Penalties – 0

No mention of the word “artisan” on the menu, a good serving of chips that don’t come in a metal container and no chopping board in sight.

No penalty points here.

Total: 68/80

Ooooh, so close – 7Bone Burger Co moves into second place in my search for the best burger Hampshire has to offer.

Now, can everyone stop messaging me about coming here?

Info: 7Bone Burger Co is at: 110 Portswood Rd, Southampton SO17 2FW. Call 023 8058 4607 (note, you can’t book a table).

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