Getting ranked in Google Images

Want to get your website’s images ranking well in Google Images? Here are three quick, easy tips that will help:

1. Use descriptive alt tags, filenames, and captions

For example, in the image below the alt tag, filename, and caption are descriptive, and they’re all similar, giving a good description of what the image is of.

Google Images homepage

Google Image Search Homepage

2. Put images alongside relevant content

If your image is a diagram of how to build a wardrobe, put it on a page about building wardrobes.

Then make sure that the page has relevant content, including optimised title tags.

3. Make sure that your site is “Google-friendly”

The more authority your site has in Google, the more likely it is that your images will rank well for relevant searches.

So don’t expect to rank well if your site needs some SEO work. Likewise, don’t expect to rank well for generic, high-competition search terms.

Further tips?

Do you have any other Google Images ranking tips to share? Share them in the comments, below!

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