Tapas at Taberna Antonio Manuel, Valencia [review]

Valencia, like many other places in Spain, is famous for tapas. Surely then, it should be easy to find a decent tapas bar in Valencia’s old town?

Not so. Even the people we spoke to in the shops couldn’t recommend a good place within walking distance, despite the fact that every restaurant and bar in the old town seemingly had tapas on the menu – even the non-Spanish establishments.… Read more

Flying from London Gatwick to Valencia with Easyjet

When I told people that I had booked flights with Easyjet their reaction was almost to feel sorry for me. It even got to the stage where I was making excuses for my decision. (“We’re on a budget”. “It’s the only airline that flies to where we want to go from Heathrow or Gatwick”.)

Why does Easyjet have such a bad rep then?… Read more