Cycling through Valencia’s Jardin del Turia

Valencia is a great place to cycle. It’s pretty flat, the roads are relatively quiet (especially the back streets), there’s a network of segregated cycle paths and pedestrians seem happy enough to share the pavements with cyclists. Plus, you can hire a bike for around ¬£6 a day.

We hired bikes on our second full day in the city. This was so we could cycle down to L’Oceanografic (oceanarium), which is part of the City of Arts and Sciences complex near the port.… Read more

Tapas at Taberna Antonio Manuel, Valencia [review]

Valencia, like many other places in Spain, is famous for tapas. Surely then, it should be easy to find a decent tapas bar in Valencia’s old town?

Not so. Even the people we spoke to in the shops couldn’t recommend a good place¬†within walking distance, despite the fact that every restaurant and bar in the old town seemingly had tapas on the menu – even the non-Spanish establishments.… Read more

Flying from London Gatwick to Valencia with Easyjet

When I told people that I had booked flights with Easyjet their reaction was almost to feel sorry for me. It even got to the stage where I was making excuses for my decision. (“We’re on a budget”. “It’s the only airline that flies to where we want to go from Heathrow or Gatwick”.)

Why does Easyjet have such a bad rep then?… Read more